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About Angie & Travis

Its Our Lifestyle


We are what WapitiWear stands for. Hunting is in our blood. Even at the age of 3 i was stuck to my fathers pant leg hunting those midwestern ridges, and even elk muzzel loader at 14.  Angie and I have been hunting and exploring the western states 4 years now. From shed hunting, to Archery elk hunting, rifle elk hunting, and archery mule deer hunting.  Needless to say we have kept our boots busy in those mountains. Countless dollars and hours have been invested to finding out what works and what doesn't.  A lot of lessons have been learned the hard way, about ourselves, about our gear, and about the mountains. We are far from experts but we know what it takes to get started.   We live the life WapitiWear is all about, and you're reading this which tells me you do too. Then let us put you in our shoes.  Grab some apparel and lets get to hunting!


We Are You


We are no different than you. We work hard everyday so we can afford that new bow or new piece of Sitka gear. Quality comes at a price and like you we had to start at the bottom slowly building our equipment and knowledge to get to the point we are at today. Let us give you a jumpstart! Get your apparel and get that much closer to winning it all.

100% Satisfaction Guarentee


If you're buying our gear you become a part of the WapitiWear family, and we take care of family, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! If anything is wrong with your gear send it back for a full replacement.  We hope you continue to shop with us for more chances at that dream hunt Giveaway.